Reuniting families and helping them grow stronger


Family reunification in Hamilton, Clermont, and Butler counties


family reunification Beech Acres

Valerie was reunited with her three children
by working with our IFRS program.

When children have been removed from a home, it takes both education and compassion to turn things around.

Whether a parent or another relative is preparing to welcome the child back, we help prepare them. We work as a team with the family, the county, and in some cases, foster parents, to smooth the transition and ensure the best possible outcome for the child.

A dedicated case worker helps the family gain:

  • parenting skills
  • relationships skills
  • resiliency
  • independence
  • strong mental health
  • a leadership role in the reunification process

Intensive Family Restoration Services (IFRS) ensures that children and adults are socially and emotionally prepared for reunification. Then we support for each family in stepping down from intensive services to follow-up services. We link the family to other services provided by Beech Acres or outside resources, including formal and informal networks in the family’s community.No other agency in the area has a program quite like this one.In some cases, we transition children already living in one of our foster homes back to his or her biological family, so we have intimate knowledge of the child’s progress and needs.

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