Foster Care FAQ

Your questions answered

Many prospective foster parents have questions, and these are the ones we get asked the most. However, if you don’t find the answer you need among our Foster Care FAQs, don’t hesitate to call Beech Acres at (513)233-4707

“It’s about your future and what you choose to do from this day to the rest of your life.”  — Ann, a Beech Acres foster parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I make a good foster parent?

We are looking for people who love children and want to provide consistency, love, and guidance to children.  We are particularly in need of people who are willing to care for siblings groups of 2 or more children, infants, and teenagers. This video will tell you more.

Why are foster parents needed?

On any given day, there are more than 1,100 Hamilton County children who need care outside of their regular family home for a variety of reasons.  This is a 20 year high for Hamilton County Job & Family Services.  While there is no one reason for the increase, but substance abuse, untreated mental illness and violence, are typically involved.

Children need loving, safe, and supportive environments. Every day that a child spends in a stable, nurturing home is a chance to change his or her future. Our children need homes, our parents need support, and both could use your help.

What’s the process to become a foster parent?

To become a Beech Acres foster parent, you must attend Pre-Service Training, turn in required state and agency paperwork, and complete a homestudy which consists of at least three meetings with an assessor in your home.

The state requires that anyone applying to become a foster parent be at least 21 years of age, have bedroom space for a child, submit fingerprints for a criminal records check, and have income sufficient to meet the current needs of their household.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services requires anyone desiring to become a foster parent in the state of Ohio to complete 36 hours of Pre-Service training. You can expect the licensing process to take 3-6 months. Beech Acres will guide you through the entire training process, and we will help you every step of the way.

How long does it take to become a foster parent?

The licensing process typically takes 3-6 months to complete.  Once your licensing process has been completed, placement of a child is dependent on how soon a child matching your criteria is in need of a home. Foster parent applications are valid for one year, and Pre-Service classes expire 18 months from the date taken.

Can I choose the age range and gender of the foster children?

Absolutely!  We pride ourselves on our child/family matching process. You will fill out an in-depth matching document, detailing the characteristics of children that you feel most prepared to parent.

Will my age or marital status prevent me from becoming a foster parent?

Not necessarily. The state of Ohio has no upper age limit for foster parents, and not all foster parents are married couples.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out an inquiry form or call (513) 233-4707. Our pre-service training classes take place continuously so you can start soon!