Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

Connect with your child in creative new ways.


Do you feel you have serious problems connecting with your child? Is your child unusally aggressive, angry, withdrawn, or defiant? Does he/she have difficulty expressing emotions? Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) can help with these problems and more.

PCIT teaches skills for interacting with children ages 3-7. During PCIT sessions, a therapist coaches you and your child through fun play activities to help you reconnect and rebuild your relationship.

Session times vary to meet the needs of the family. PCIT services can be provided at Beech Acres Parenting Center locations on the east and west sides of Cincinnati, or within the home, school or other natural environment.

Children who utilize PCIT meet the following criteria:

  • An assessment and subsequent determination that the child exhibits a mental health need.
  • Evidence of several of the following behavior problems:
    • Defiance
    • Quick loss of temper
    • Annoying, fighting, or harming others; destroying objects and/or property; difficulty staying seated, playing quietly, or taking turns. The child may also have experienced the loss of a dedicated adult through death, divorce, or incarceration – or even have experienced a traumatic incident, such as violence or abuse.
  • A dedicated parent or caregiver must be willing to fully participate in the service.

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