Sourushe Zandvakili Joins Beech Acres Board

Sourushe Zandvakili, Ph.D.Sourushe Zandvakili, Ph.D., professor of economics and former Chair of the Economics Department at the University of Cincinnati, is a valuable recent addition to our board. He brings us vast knowledge of data analytics, forecasting and strategy development. He holds a B.A., an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Economics, specializing in Labor Economics. He helped advise Beech Acres on restructuring our human resources strategy and staffing it appropriately.

In addition to his impressive credentials, Sourushe shares with us his zeal for helping children in need. He serves on the board of Talbert House, whose programs overlap with ours in some areas. He has two daughters of his own and speaks passionately about wanting to teach them the value of helping those less fortunate. Learn more about Sourushe’s thoughts on parenting in this video.


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