Corporate Partner Opportunities


For almost 175 years, Beech Acres Parenting Center has strengthened Greater Cincinnati’s children & families. Corporate partners are needed to help us meet the growing demands and needs of children and families in our community.

INVEST IN FAMILIES, Impact Real Lives.

We invite you to be our partner and help us grow resilient and thriving children and families. We will work with your company to customize a partnership that’s right for you. Your investment in Beech Acres Parenting Center will impact and improve the lives of children, parents and families in our community.

When a company leads with purpose, consumers and employees are:

  • 78% more likely to want to work for that company
  • 76% more likely to trust that company
  • 72% more likely to be loyal to that company
  • 70% more likely to defend that company if someone spoke badly of it
  • 72% more likely to forgive that company if it makes a misstep

How purpose impacts consumer behavior:

  • 66% consider a company’s purpose when making purchase decisions
  • 62% believe a company’s purpose is an important factor when making a quick or impulse purchase
  • 71% would purchase from a purpose-driven company over the alternative when cost and quality are equal
  • 78% are more likely to remember a company with a strong purpose

In today’s environment, consumers, shareholders and employees alike are increasingly expecting companies to act on their social commitments and do more by doing better. There’s much to gain when values are aligned in partnership with nonprofits such as Beech Acres Parenting Center.

Source: Porter Novelli Purpose Perception Study, 2020

For more information about creating a corporate partnership to meet your needs, please contact Bryan Goldman at 513.233.4729, bgoldman@beechacres.org.