Your Impact

Your Impact

As a champion for children, YOU can make all the difference!

You can equip the parents, teachers and other influential adults in a child’s life with the tools and resources they need to raise and support healthy, resilient, productive children.

Because of you, parents are supported, children are thriving, and vulnerable kids have safe and loving homes.

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“Making an intentional effort to focus on children’s strengths has had a positive impact on our school. In addition to better results in academics and behavior, our students have a general sense of happiness and the entire school is more relaxed. It has given us a positive way to look at our weeks, which have rolled into positive months and a positive year.”

- Assistant Superintendent, Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy

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“Beech Acres is a part of the change in how foster children are cared for. Over and over I see unwavering support given to their foster families, many of whom are now my friends. The staff is always looking for ways to improve and asking for input from the foster families. My husband and I have watched the number of foster parents grow exponentially in the last 4 years and have never once felt like our voice has been lost or that we have all of the sudden become a number in the Beech Acres system.”

- Foster Mom

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Your investment makes it possible to:

Help Kids

  • Improve child mental and emotional wellness
  • Find safe, nurturing homes
  • Flourish in school and in life

Help Families

  • Increase family self-sufficiency
  • Improve family resilience
  • Increase parent engagement in their child’s education
  • Help parents become more confident and effective

Help Schools

  • Improve student attendance and academic performance
  • Reduce incidents of behavioral disruptions by students in the classroom
  • Prevent teacher burn-out and support teachers
  • Provide resources beyond academics to improve family stability


For more information about supporting Beech Acres Parenting Center please contact:

Jordan Huizenga

Vice President of Development


(513) 233-4748

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