My foster care journey began back in 2014.

I was newly divorced and excited to begin the process of becoming a foster mom, something I had wanted for a long time. At the time, I was working for St. Joseph Orphanage, and building into the lives of abused and neglected children. There was a little girl who I worked very closely with who had no adult family contacts and only sporadic contact with a younger brother (who was also in foster care). I decided I wanted to foster and then adopt this little girl.

I made that desire my mission as I plugged away through all the classes and paperwork needed to become a foster parent. Sadly, this little girl’s behaviors far exceeded what I was able to manage. After only seven months in my home, I made the heartbreaking decision to disrupt the placement, and she was placed back in residential treatment.

Although this original dream did not come to fruition, it paved the way for the adoption of my son, Chase.

Since I was already licensed as a foster-to-adopt home, the process was smoother when he came into my life. Chase was just five months old when he came to live with me. As time passed, it became apparent his birth mother would not be able to provide the safety and security Chase needed. I was asked if I would like to adopt Chase, and of course, I said YES! On Halloween day 2018, Chase officially became my son. He is my only boy (I have two adult daughters), the reason for a lot of this gray hair, and the light of my life! 🥰