Johnson Family – Then / Now Adoption Story

“Johnson 5” – April Johnson

LICENSED – 10/23/2017 – CURRENT

ADOPTION DATES: Kendall – 1/23/2019 🩷 Noah – 1/5/2023 💙

What inspired you to consider Foster Care & Adoption?

We initially got into foster care after caring for my younger cousins through kinship care after they were removed from their Mother’s home. They eventually reunified with their Mom. Being able to impact the kids’ lives is truly what it’s all about. It has given us a different perspective on life. Ken and I tried for many years to conceive, but were never successful, and that’s when our foster care to adoption journey was “born.”

How did adopting change your life?

It has allowed us to grow our family and truly experience what God intended for us, parenthood. We certainly have had our share of tough times along the way, but there isn’t one single thing that would have ever derailed us from this journey.

How did Beech Acres support you?

Where do I begin??!! Beech Acres staff are truly heaven sent! Always accommodating, knowledgeable, protective, and downright awesome at being true liaisons for all foster parents! Tricia, has always been “our person” since we started and I truly cannot put into words how her direct involvement, professionalism, and love for her families is single handedly one of the main reasons we haven’t closed our license. We love you, Tricia!

Where are you now? Just a quick update on your family!

I like to refer to us as the “Johnson 5 ” similar to the “Jackson 5” LOL. Our daughter Kendall who is 7 years old, son Noah who is 2 years old, and a baby girl who we plan to adopt next year. We’re all doing great and keeping very busy with the kids’ activities and family time.