Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell

President & CEO Laura Mitchell’s extraordinary passion for families, children, and community form a perfect fit with Beech Acres Parenting Center’s innovative, successful track record of helping parents and communities raise children who can thrive in today’s complex world. 

Laura Mitchell’s lifetime of service has been centered on helping children become successful. Beginning in 2017, she served as superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, Greater Cincinnati’s largest school district. She had previous roles as deputy superintendent, program manager, principal, and teacher over a period of 27 years.

Ms. Mitchell was previously a member of the Beech Acres family. She has served on the Beech Acres Board of Directors since 2016, and her familiarity with its people, programs, and the community position her for a seamless transition to accelerate the agency’s growth. 

Ms. Mitchell has a special understanding of the challenges faced by many of the families and children Beech Acres serves. As superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, she saw the personal struggles children bring into the classrooms and has witnessed firsthand how Beech Acres’ unique, holistic strength-building approach can make a real difference in their lives.

Laura Mitchell graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts and North Carolina’s Bennett College. Laura taught in Athens Georgia after college and spent time at a San Fransico-based foundation. But Cincinnati is home and she spent the bulk of her career working for Cincinnati Public Schools.