Natural Strength Parenting™

Natural Strength Parenting™

“Within one hour, I shifted my thinking from ‘stop it or else’ to wondering what’s possible so you can.”

Natural Strength Parenting™ is Beech Acres Parenting Center’s unique approach to parenting. Natural Strength Parenting™ encourages parents to be intentional and mindful with their parenting while focusing on their child’s innate strengths.

We promise these skills aren’t hard, and more of your conversations will be about what’s going right vs. what they did wrong! Click on the model map to learn more about a specific skill and see how you can communicate more effectively with your child.

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Skill: Clearing

“Before we start dinner, is there anything you want to talk about?”

Providing an opportunity to clear up something that is going on prior to focusing on the agenda.

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Skill: Celebrating

“It is amazing to watch all that you’ve accomplished!”

Showing excitement and sincerely celebrating the child, family or team. Pointing out accomplishments and making it through moments. In order to celebrate we must slow down and take a breathe – “You did it!” Celebrate learning from setbacks.

Skill: Championing

“I believe that you can do it.”

Standing up for children when they doubt or question their abilities.

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Skill: Clarifying

“I hear you saying that you’re upset you can’t go outside to play, is that right?”

This response is getting clear about the experience; what they want or where they are going – the desired outcome. Clarifying uses both reframing and articulating to bring clarity for the child.

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Skill: Powerful Questions

Here are a few questions:

  • How would that look?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • What are your thoughts so far?
  • How could you do that?

When we get curious with a child, we are like detectives: inquisitive, asking powerful, thought-provoking questions, being fully present and noticing everything about them.

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The skills developed through Natural Strength Parenting™ are important to helping you discover your child’s strengths, parent intentionally, and be mindful with the time you spend with your child.

Natural Strength Parenting™ is a framework that we utilize at Beech Acres Parenting Center that uncovers the natural gifts of children by unleashing the power of parents and caregivers. We provide strength-based tools for parents and inspire them with an approach that is intentional and mindful.

These skills are just a sample of what Natural Strength Parenting™ has to offer. Schedule a parent coaching session to learn more skills behind these concepts!

The relationship is where the power comes from to create desired changes. Within the relationship, the child can be inspired, encouraged, challenged. We grant the power to the relationship for the child to become more confident and strong. As the child deepens their learning, they become more powerful as a result of the transformation that is encouraged within the relationship. Here we create a safe and courageous space, design the alliance of the relationship, and evoke transformation.

Affirmation is how we build up the children we are working with. We proclaim their strengths, successes, talents, and achievements. We communicate appreciation for the child as a valuable person. We genuinely see the assets and declare it. What we communicate has deep meaning when we intentionally affirm who someone is by pointing it out.

When we get curious about children we are like a detective: inquisitive, asking powerful questions and noticing what’s going on with the children. We have a strong desire to know them at a deeper level and to explore with them. We believe that their strengths, vision, purpose, goals, and resourcefulness will allow them to create the changes they want. Playful curiosity allows for us to explore and discover with the child. Perhaps we try one thing and then another. We are curious about what children really want. We enter with children into this curious space and look around together – making the play more fun and less dangerous.

Listening is one of the best ways to understand another person. Listening with focused attention on the other persons’ words, tone, volume, body language and a soft focus on the environment (sights, sounds, smells) gives us expanded opportunities to really notice what’s happening. Expansive listening allows us to stay connected with the child in front of us, avoid judgement, and really hear them.