Services in Partner Schools

Beech Acres Parenting Center is proud to offer a wide variety of services in partner schools throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Our school services are designed to meet families where they are by providing specific services in their neighborhood school. Discover our available services and see if we are in your child’s school.

Promoting School Success with Services in Partner Schools

  • The Incredible Years is an evidence-based program for parents, teachers, and children reduce challenging behaviors in children and increase their social-emotional learning and self-control skills.
  • Second Step Curriculum is research-based aligned with the CASEL Model. The curriculum has three target areas; empathy, emotional management and problem-solving. The curriculum can span the entire school year or be broken up into a 6-8 week segments.
  • Classroom education presentations are a one-time instructional presentation given to students in the classroom focusing on a therapeutic topic or a specific need identified by the school such as; bullying peer conflicts or substance abuse.

Family Peer Support 

  • Helps parents whose children have mental health needs. This unique program pairs parents who have children struggling with academic, social, or mental health issues with parents who have been through similar issues with their children. These Peer Support workers can offer support and advice, guide parents as they maneuver through the system and help families get connected to the resources they need.

The Character Effect™ 

  • The Character Effect™ is a powerful and effective framework that uncovers a student’s strengths to bring them happiness and improve their overall well-being. The Character Effect provides research informed tools to students, teachers, and parents so they can collectively develop a “growth mindset.”  A growth mindset promotes the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and focusing on effort. Learn more at

Therapeutic Mentoring 

  • This is a one-on-one mentoring service for youth 7-17 who are at risk behaviorally and academically, have a mental health diagnosis and involved with systems such as child welfare or juvenile justice. The role of the Mentor is to develop and maintain a consistent, respectful relationship with the mentee (and his/her parents/family) which results in the mentee’s overall improved functioning.

Kindergarten Readiness 

  • When you enroll in Kindergarten Readiness, our certified Parent Educators visit you at home for hands-on, personalized support.

    • Learn fun and easy ways to teach your child.
    • Understand why it’s important to teach your child now versus later.
    • Gain confidence in your ability to help your child succeed in school.
    • Get connected to other Beech Acres Parenting Center services that can help you be the best parent you can be.
    • Take part in exciting and free family events throughout the year.

    Being prepared for kindergarten increases your child’s chances of further success—in school and in life!

    Beech Acres offers the Power in Parenting® program in the following Cincinnati neighborhoods: Avondale, Evanston, Bond Hill, Clifton, Mt. Washington, University Heights, Mt. Auburn, Over-the-Rhine, West End and downtown Cincinnati. This program is FREE to parents in participating neighborhoods, thanks to generous funding from  United Way of Greater Cincinnati and private donations.

    91% of the children from families who participate in Kindergarten Readiness enter kindergarten prepared!


  • The therapist provides counseling services to children who demonstrate specific behavioral and emotional needs.  Interventions and strategies are offered in face-to-face sessions tailored to meet the individual child and family concerns.  The therapist utilizes best and evidence-based practices which are available to the clinician and will ensure the best outcome for the student and family.
  • Prevention groups provide an array of different therapeutic topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, social skills, coping skills, impulse control, self-esteem and substance abuse. These groups are intended to be facilitated in 6-8 week segments to teach them specific behavioral skills and increase their overall emotional well-being of the students.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) 

  • Therapeutic service providers provide therapeutic interventions and strategies related to a child’s mental health, development, and behavioral issues that put them at risk at home, school, or in his/her community. They perform key functions including needs assessments, resource identification, symptom monitoring, case coordination, skills building, parent coaching, crisis support, educational law and support, and advocacy.  They offer services such as individual and family interventions, and these can be provided in the client’s home, in the school/natural environment, and in the community.
  • Children ages 3-17 who have been diagnosed with a Mental Health disorder and experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems can enroll in mental health services including Child and Family Therapy, Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) and Psychopharmacological Services. All three treatment offerings have a heavy parent component.

Family Engagement Coordinator 

  • Family engagement coordinators ensure a collaborative partnership with a school staff/administration by providing ongoing communication, reporting, data tracking, and problem-solving.  Assist parents seeking a variety of supports by conducting immediate needs assessments, providing crisis management, walking with them to connect with resources, and ensuring empathy and understanding.    Promote engagement with community partners, identify gaps in co-create resolutions.  Demonstrate accountability to school administration through consistent communication, follow through, and case consultation.

Multi-Generational Learning 

  • Provides opportunities for parents in the school setting to learn alongside their children through adult education, learning, job skills, and improving English skills.
  • Embraces caregivers strengths and how to share those strengths with their kids and others.


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