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We understand that you and your family may be dealing with a heightened level of anxiety based on the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus/COVID-19. First, we want to let you know that Parent Connext™ is committed to supporting you, especially during this challenging time. Parenting Specialists will continue to be available to support parents with their parenting challenges. At this time, parents have the option to meet with their Parenting Specialist virtually.

Remember, we are here for you and your family during this time of uncertainty and in the better times ahead. To connect with us you can reach out to your Parenting Specialist directly or contact Katie Helmes to get connected – or 513.233.4715


Parent Connext™ meets parents where they are at by placing Parenting Specialists onsite at Pediatric Care Practices.

Parent Connext™ provides prompt, practical support through onsite parenting specialists that provide guidance for a variety of parenting challenges and links to community resources. This helps build parents’ capacity to provide a safe & nurturing environment for their children.

Patients can be connected with parenting specialists through a referral from their pediatrician or by contacting the Parenting Specialists directly.

Parents, want to see Parent Connext™ in action? Check out this YouTube playlist for activities to do with your child.


“Our first session together has already proven invaluable. My mantra to myself is 5:1… 5 praises to 1 critique. Praising my son more is proving to work really, really well. He is three and he held my hand the entire time we were at the mall. I praised him for it about every second or third store and he really responded to it. ”

— Grateful Mom

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