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Parent Connext™ meets parents where they are at by placing Parenting Specialists onsite at Pediatric Care Practices.

Parent Connext™ provides prompt, practical support through onsite parenting specialists that provide guidance for a variety of parenting challenges and links to community resources. This helps build parents’ capacity to provide a safe & nurturing environment for their children.

Patients can be connected with parenting specialists through a referral from their pediatrician or by contacting the Parenting Specialists directly.

Parents, want to see Parent Connext™ in action? Check out this YouTube playlist for activities to do with your child.


“Our first session together has already proven invaluable. My mantra to myself is 5:1… 5 praises to 1 critique. Praising my son more is proving to work really, really well. He is three and he held my hand the entire time we were at the mall. I praised him for it about every second or third store and he really responded to it. ”

— Grateful Mom

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