Monthly Archives: June 2018

08 Jun

Apple And Google Address Concerns Over Screen Time

Smartphones Are Everywhere Screen time, social media, and technology addiction are becoming an increasing concern for parentsphysicians, and mental health experts. Just look around you. Whether you’re at work, out in public, and even at your dinner table, almost everyone is probably looking at a screen. While technology has made important strides in connecting the world, increased access to the world’s collected knowledge, and made our lives more convenient, the ever-present role these devices have had in our...

06 Jun

Six Tips For Online Bliss

Here are six quick tips to help you and your children get on the same page about screen time. Establish Some Simple Ground Rules Start by setting up some simple rules for everyone to follow. These can include no phones during meal time, no screens a half hour before bedtime, or no computer time until after homework is complete. These basic rules should reflect your family’s values and correspond with any established routines. Utilize your family’s strength of teamwork by working together...

01 Jun

Parenting In The Digital Age

Parenting in the digital age has added a significant layer of complexity to an already challenging job. With everyone’s heads buried in a screen all day, it can seem impossible to spend meaningful moments together as a family. Together, let’s tackle some of the challenges related specifically to parenting in the digital age. Screen time, social media, and cyberbullying are all important topics that today’s parents are faced with. While many parents fall back on the routines and techniques...