Getting Started With Natural Strength Parenting

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“I just can’t do this,” your child sighs in frustration after working on one math problem for a half hour.

“Some kids are being mean to me at school,” your child quietly confides to you after coming home with a tear in their favorite hoodie.

“I hate you!” Your child shouts as they slam their bedroom door. (They don’t mean it!)

Parenting Can Be Challenging!

Parenting is the most important (and challenging) job you’ll ever do. Today’s rapidly changing world is creating a lot of stress for families, both parents and children alike. Sometimes it is difficult to find time to really be present with your kids.

A New Approach

Natural Strength Parenting™ is a unique approach to parenting from Beech Acres Parenting Center. Natural Strength Parenting™ encourages you to be intentional and mindful in your parenting while focusing on your child’s innate strengths. Building on their strengths will increase their confidence, self-esteem, and resilience all of which lead to positive well-being. We promise these skills aren’t hard, and more of your conversations will be about what’s going right vs. what they did wrong!

Be Intentional, Focus On Their Strengths, and Be Mindful About Being In The Moment With Them

Setting an intention is as simple as asking yourself two questions:

1. Who do YOU want to be as a parent?

2. What kind of person do you want your child to be?

Let’s say you set an intention for your daughter to be a strong, independent woman. You can reinforce this intention by making subtle changes in everyday moments. After rushing to pick her up from basketball practice and get home in time for dinner it’s easy to say; “Get in the car! We’re late for dinner.” But imagine what it would look like to mindfully engage with them in the moment. Recall that intention and remember how scared she was to try out for the team. What strength did she use? “Thank you for using your strength of bravery to try out for the basketball team.” Ask a powerful question to get start a meaningful conversation. “What new thing did you learn today that helps you be a better player? I want to hear about it on the way home, but we’ve got to go since we’re running behind today.” See how a small change can make a big difference?

Let’s Get Started!

Have every member of your family complete the Spotlight on my Strengths Survey. Once you’ve discovered everyone’s innate strengths you can build on those strengths by “spotting” your kids using them every day.

Ready For More?

Our website has a variety of valuable resources, fun activities, and creative exercises to help you bring Natural Strength Parenting™ to life in your family. Natural Strength Parenting™ is the culmination of over 170 years of parenting experience at Beech Acres Parenting Center. For the first time, intentionality, mindfulness, and character strengths are working together in a fun, seamless framework that can make a big difference for your family. Learn more about Natural Strength Parenting™ by visiting our website or schedule a one- hour Natural Strength Parenting™ coaching session with one of our child development experts. Get started with Natural Strength Parenting today!

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