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30 Aug

How To Talk To Your Kids About Mental Health; Tips For Talking To Your Preschooler

How To Talk To Your Kids About Mental Health 1 in 5 children lives with a serious, diagnosable mental illness. 1 in 5. Think about your child’s friends, their class, their school. That’s a lot of kids. It’s never been more important to be able to speak openly and honestly about mental health with your children. Fortunately, today’s parents are more open to discussing these important issues that previous generations. So, you’re open to discussing mental health with your child,...

12 Aug

Stuck In The Middle; Parenting Tips for Raising Your Middle Child

“I’m losing my mind just a little So why don’t you just meet me in the middle?” Maren Morris, “The Middle” We’re not sure if Maren Morris is a middle child or not, but for middle children everywhere just hearing the word “middle” can cause you to shudder. You probably heard the hit song “The Middle” more often than a middle child heard themselves called by their proper names during the course of their entire childhood. Being called by...

12 Aug

The Time To Act For Children Is Now

For generations, fire drills and tornado drills were a common activity for schoolchildren, a brief reprieve from the daily routine, and an opportunity to remind them what to do in case a natural or unexpected disaster hit their school. For a new generation of children, another type of drill – the active shooter drill – has become just as commonplace. Recent mass shootings in California, Texas and right here in Dayton have shocked those communities and the entire country. The impact...