Recently, a client was referred to Beech Acres Parenting Center’s With All Families program. A series of unfortunate situations and bad luck left this mother struggling. Previously unaddressed mental health issues and temporary financial instability prevented her from providing the proper care her son needed at the time. Unfortunately, she was unable to properly care for her family or herself.  

Mom was desperate to reunite with her son.  

Mom was connected to With All FamiliesPrevention Services. This program provides comprehensive support for the “whole” parent, through a variety of proven and evidence-based methodology to help parents reach their goals. This mom had an important goal…to reunite with her son and significantly improve their lives.  

Mom attended and completed four weeks of parenting classes and was assigned a family specialist for individual coaching. In these sessions, mom was able to set goals and build critical parenting skills. She was very intentional and dedicated to her progress. Mom attended all her required sessions and kept all her coaching appointments with her family specialist. She set specific goals to become a better mother, and established healthy boundaries with her son’s father, and worked towards financial stability.  

During the coaching sessions, a family specialist discussed ways to foster active listening and respect along with supporting her son’s healthy development. Mom was always open-minded and excited to implement positive parenting strategies. She would actively seek feedback and would make the suggested changes to improve her approach to parenting. She even took the initiative to watch YouTube videos and discovered some exciting activities to build her son’s academic skills and physical development. 

Mom was reunified with her son in May.   

Mom is currently employed, the family is comfortably and safely housed, and they are thriving together. Her son is in daycare so that mom can go to work and provide for her family. Since the program she has maintained appropriate boundaries with her son’s father and has reported improved relationships in all aspects of her life. With All Families provided this mother not only with effective tools to improve her parenting but with the confidence in herself to be the mom she always wanted to be.  

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*Names have been omitted and circumstances changed to protect the identity of our client.