Today the Beech Acres Parenting Center community breathes a collective sigh of relief with our country, the citizens of Minneapolis, the family and friends of George Floyd, our Black employees, clients, and partners, and the entire world. Yesterday, twelve men and women chose accountability. Accountability for the murder of George Floyd. Accountability for the trauma inflicted on the Minneapolis community. Accountability for the young Black men and women who fear for their lives whenever they leave their homes. Accountability for the mothers and fathers who are filled with a sense of dread and desperation when their children aren’t home and they hear a siren in the distance. 

Accountability is just, but it is not justice. Justice would mean equity. Justice would mean fairness. Justice would mean George Floyd was still alive. 

There is much work still to be done. What we say to our children and to each other can define what accountability, equity, justice, and fairness look like. Set an intention to talk to your children about racial inequality and injustice. Be mindful to teach them acceptance and inclusion. Develop their strengths of judgment, kindness, perspective, and fairness. 

Our children are watching. What we do next matters.