Beyond the Classroom™, from Beech Acres Parenting Center, is the school’s mental health answer for students that brings together positivity and hope of Natural Strength Parenting™ to the whole family.

The Problem

1 in 5 children will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder during childhood. Many students require additional help from mental health needs to resources at home that go beyond the classroom.

Our Solution

Through a unique approach, our team promotes mental wellness and mental health treatment services leveraging best practices supported by Beech Acres’ Center of Excellence.

We aim to share and support the implementation of solutions to the challenges that can interrupt a student’s learning, not just creating plans but maintaining them with full wrap-around support.

This allows the school team and families to feel less stress knowing the student’s well-being is taken care of, so the classroom teachers can focus on academics.

What Services Are Offered?

Beyond the Classroom offers a variety of solutions for parents/caregivers and students.

For students, we provide therapy, behavioral health support, and medication management.

For parents and caregivers, we offer family peer support, family needs assessment, and economic/social support.

Want to learn more? Download more information here or call 5132316630 today to see how Beyond the Classroom can benefit your school.