This activity is a great way to do a check in with where you are holding any tension and to help you to minimize the amount of stress that you may be feeling physically.

Start with getting comfortable in your chair. Sit up straight, feet on the floor and hands either on your lap or on the table in front of you. If you are doing this for the first time, you may need to read the activity as you go, however, if you are doing this with your child or you’ve done it several times, you may choose to close your eyes.

You will be breathing deeply throughout this activity. Start with taking one deep, slow breath through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. When you breathe deep, you can feel the breath moving from your stomach; this provides greater oxygen to all parts of you. Breathe again, deeply, slowly in and out. As you focus on your breath, notice your body and mind becoming a little bit more relaxed, quiet, and calm.

And as you become more relaxed, what do you notice in your body? Is there a place that feels relaxed? Painful? Tight or uncomfortable? Continue to breathe slowly, deeply. How does your body feel to be seated in your chair? What do you notice? What part of your feet can you sense that is touching the floor? Press them firmly to the ground. Do you notice that in your heel? The ball of your foot? Toes?

Move your attention up your legs. Are your leg muscles tense? If they are tense, notice how it feels to just let your leg muscles relax.

Bring your attention to your stomach. What do you notice? Hunger pangs? Butterflies? Knots? People oftentimes hold tension here. Continue to breathe deeply from this area of your body to bring relaxation and calm.

When you are ready, move up your body to your throat and neck. This is another place that people oftentimes hold tension. Let your shoulders relax, drop your head forward towards your chest. Breathe. Move your head slowly in a circle. What do you notice in your neck? Does your head feel heavy?

Pay attention to your face. Is there pressure or tightness anywhere? Move attention to your temples, eye area, mouth and jaw. Relax all of the muscles in your face. Breathe in and out.
Notice your arms. The energy is coming from your shoulders and moving slowly down to your fingers as you breathe in and out, relaxing your arms. Notice your hands. How are you holding them? Are your fingers tired? Fists clenched? Notice your hands relaxing.

Now I will invite you to pay attention to your whole body. How is it feeling? Are you more relaxed? Do you feel calm? As you notice your body in a more relaxed state you may feel in control, less stressful. Maybe even sleepy. Open your eyes. Great job connecting to your body!