Samantha*, a sophomore in high school, was experiencing test-related anxiety at school. This had a negative impact on her academic performance. Her anxiety spread to her personal life, where she began feeling anxious in social situations. For example, she had trouble even ordering her own meal in a restaurant. 

To help her address these challenges, Samantha was referred to a Beech Acres Parenting Center therapist right in her school. Her therapist was able to begin uncovering the root causes of her anxiety. They worked together on building her confidence by identifying her strengths. Olivia, Samantha’s therapist, took time to build a genuine connection with Samantha. This was key to helping Samantha be able to identify her struggles and be open about them in a safe space. Once her underlying issues were identified, they were able to begin healing. 

Samantha recently completed exam week without feeling so anxious. She could call upon mindfulness techniques she learned in therapy to calm herself down. She’s even feeling more confident and comfortable in social situations as well. 

Olivia worked with Samantha’s parents as well to help them be prepared to face challenges as they came up. They now know when to give Samantha space and when to give her support. Samantha and her family are now on a path to success. 

Many students require additional help, from mental health needs to resources at home that go beyond the classroom.

Beyond the Classroom™ enhances readiness to learn by improving the emotional and behavioral wellness of the students. Additional support is available for parents that build resilience, improves economic stability, and empowers them to become an advocate. Learn more about this innovative approach to mental health support.

*Names and circumstances may have been changed to protect the privacy of these families.