“BUT I’M SO BORED! I have nothing to do!”
Here’s what you can do when you hear that dreaded statement…

Invariably your children are going to get bored. Boredom can strike at any time and anywhere. It’s not even August yet, and your kids may be coming to you to let you know they have “nothing to do.” This can happen despite the ready availability of toys, video games, smartphones, and all of outside.

Do you feel like a cruise ship director for your children and family? Do you constantly feel like you have to fill their time with activities and fun? It is exhausting trying to entertain our kids, but the good news is… you DON’T have to.

Lean In To Their Strength Of Creativity

Kids learn about creativity and imagination through boredom! It may be painful at first hearing the whines about how bored your child is, or how there is absolutely nothing to do (in a house full of things to do). If you can step into the discomfort as a parent and avoid the need to fix, it can allow your child’s strength of creativity to shine.

First, empathize with their boredom, “You are sooo bored and have no idea what to do! It’s hard not having any plans.” 

Next, step out of being the cruise director and encourage your child to take the lead, “Sounds like you want me to find something for you to do, but I’m confident you can figure out something that you are interested in”, “I’m happy to provide options of things to do, but I know you can use your strength of creativity to figure something out.”

If they keep coming to you, then you can provide choices, “You can play Legos or help me clean the kitchen?” 

Boredom doens’t have to ruin their summer, or yours. Focus on their stregths, take a breath, and if you need more help schedule a coaching session with one of our parenting experts.