Calla* was scared of bees and wasps. But aren’t all nine-year-olds like Calla scared of bees? Sure, but for Calla, her fear of bugs indicated deeper issues she was experiencing. Calla experienced severe anxiety over this fear. But she was also anxious in many other situations. Her anxiety manifested in her fear of bugs, as well as anxiety about going to the doctor and stress at school. 

Calla’s mother was frustrated because she didn’t know how to help her daughter overcome these issues. Calla was connected to a Beech Acres Parenting Center therapist right in her school. Having access to a compassionate mental health professional right in her school helped accelerate Calla’s care. 

Calla’s therapist used a variety of tools to help Calla overcome her fear and address her anxiety. “I needed strategies to help me calm down when I would get upset,” Calla said. Calla worked through her concerns through weekly therapy sessions she could attend during or after school. “It was helpful to talk through any issues and have my feelings validated,” she said. 

Calla’s mom was also given support to help ease her frustration and tools to help manage Calla’s anxiety at home. Calla has been feeling much less anxiety since beginning therapy.

Many students require additional help, from mental health needs to resources at home that go beyond the classroom.

Beyond the Classroom™ enhances readiness to learn by improving the emotional and behavioral wellness of the students. Additional support is available for parents that build resilience, improves economic stability, and empowers them to become an advocate. Learn more about this innovative approach to mental health support.

*Names and circumstances may have been changed to protect the privacy of these families.