10 Jun

Sayler Park Food Pantry

Stacey* is a busy mom with three busy children. Every Wednesday she and her children catch a Metro to the nearest grocery store five miles away. They shop and then wait for the bus to head back home. They then carry their six bags of groceries about half a mile to their house. This is the reality for many families in the quaint, tight-knit neighborhood of Sayler Park. Cincinnati’s western- most neighborhood, Sayler Park is a virtual food desert. The one-mile...

24 Oct

Partner With Your Child’s Teacher To Address Bullying

Partner With Your Child’s Teacher To Address Bullying. Partnering with your child’s teacher can offer critical insight into cases of bullying. Here are some questions you can ask your child’s teacher: How does my child get along with other students? With whom does he or she spend their free time at school? Have you ever suspected my child is being bullied by other students? Work with the teacher and with the school administration to create a plan for your child. Make sure you know the school’s...

07 Aug

How To Develop Parents Into Allies In Achieving Children’s Educational Success

Reblogged from Alliance For Strong Families and Communities July 19, 2018 By Emily Scharfenberger, director of strategic partnerships, Beech Acres Parenting Center  Beech Acres Parenting Center believes that parents and caregivers are the biggest champions and strongest advocates for their children. As the first and most important teachers in children’s lives, parents are responsible for helping them achieve their full potential. It is important to equip parents with the necessary skills to help their children be more successful. Therefore, Beech Acres...