Parenting is Tough!

Parenting is the most important (and challenging) job you’ll ever do. Today’s rapidly changing world is creating a lot of stress for families, both parents and children alike. Sometimes it is difficult to find time to really be present with your kids.

Discover Your Family’s Strengths

Natural Strength Parenting™ is a unique approach to parenting from Beech Acres Parenting Center. Natural Strength Parenting™ encourages you to be intentional and mindful in your parenting while focusing on your child’s innate strengths. Building on their strengths will increase their confidence, self-esteem, and resilience all of which lead to positive well-being. We promise these skills aren’t hard, and more of your conversations will be about what’s going right vs. what they did wrong!

Every person has 24 character strengths inside of them. These character strengths once identified and developed, can help individuals build resilience, make better decisions, and lead a happier, healthier life. It’s all about focusing on what’s strong with you rather than what’s wrong with you.

Celebrate Your Strengths!

This month we will be celebrating the 24 strengths! We encourage you to discover each family member’s unique strengths by completing our free Spotlight on my Strengths survey. Once you’ve discovered your family’s strengths you can begin to develop them by asking what strengths you will use each day. Follow along on social media and share your progress. We’d love to hear what strengths are most prevalent in your family and how you are using them to make your family happier, stronger, and more resilient.