Ryshel Bowling is a Licensing Coordinator on the Foster Care & Adoption team at Beech Acres Parenting Center. While she spends her days helping families navigate through the licensing process to become foster parents, she and her husband Calvin have also been fostering themselves. In fact, we’re thrilled to wrap up National Adoption Month by celebrating their recent adoption!

“Adoption is definitely not something we were intending to do two years ago when we got licensed,” Ryshel said. But after welcoming Niyah into their homes, they quickly realized they were going to be a forever family. “I’m thankful we are able to provide her with a safe, stable, loving, and sometimes crazy home. She has a very supportive primary family and so in many ways, I think of us as being her bonus family.”

Despite being immersed in foster care work all day, every day Ryshel was still nervous when the big day arrived. “The hearing was super intimidating, but the magistrate was so kind and patient with all of us,” she said. Ryshel and her family had a supportive team around her during the entire process including her family at Beech Acres Parenting Center. “I appreciate all of the advice, not just with Niyah, but our other placements, and for all of the support,” she said. “I know it is said all of the time, but the Beech really is the best place to work.”

Foster care and adoption can seem an intimidating commitment to consider, but there are so many kids that need safe and loving homes. In Hamilton County, there are around 1,800 kids that need homes and in Montgomery County, there are over 600. As we wrap up National Adoption Month, we challenge you to consider beginning your foster care journey. Our team is experienced and can help you every step of the way.

Congratulations to Ryshel and her family on their adoption. You can learn more about her experience fostering and adopting here. And once you’re ready to begin your journey you can contact us here to get started. Not ready? You can still support our efforts with a one-time or recurring donation.