Today, Beech Acres Parenting Center President and CEO Jim Mason, Vice President of New Business Development Jill Huynh and School-based Services Supervisor Cheryl Riley joined Mark Heyne on WVXU Cincinnati to discuss the results of our Cincinnati Parenting Survey. In the survey, 44% of parents identified Understanding kids’ mental health issues as extremely or very concerning. This was the single biggest concern identified.

Here are some highlights from the show:

“Our goal at Beech Acres Parenting Center is to shift the stigma from ‘I have to go to Beech Acres’, to ‘I get to go to Beech Acres.’ We are delighted parents want to get help with their children’s mental health.” -Jim Mason

“Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs we take on in our lives.” -Jill Huynh

“We customize our care to our clients and meet them where they are.” -Cheryl Riley

“Everyone has innate strengths they were born with; in knowing those strengths parents can understand their kids better, but also understand their own parenting.”  -Jill Huynh

“Let’s look at the strengths and resiliency of the family and focus on amplifying that.” -Cheryl Riley

“If we can intervene early enough we can build a positive foundation. Our approach is to promote what we want to see, not what we don’t want to see.” -Jill Huynh

“Let’s look at the strengths and resiliency of the family and focus on amplifying that.” -Cheryl Riley

“We have a saying. Hurt kids hurt kids. We have compassion for people doing the bullying because they are a hurt person.” -Jim Mason

“Beech Acres will work with the parents to remove barriers to get them the help they need.” -Cheryl Riley

Parents who participated in our survey also identified discipline, drug use and bullying among other top concerns. What parenting concerns do you have? Discover your strengths and unlock your power as a parent today with Natural Strength Parenting™, our unique strengths-based approach to intentional parenting. Call today to learn more. 513-231-6630.