The need for foster parents is greater than ever! On any given day in Ohio, around 16,000 children are being cared for away from their parents. It’s very easy to think you are not needed and that others will say yes, so you don’t have to. If everyone thought the same thing, then who would care for these precious children?
As a former Beech Acres foster parent who had the blessing of adopting, I’m here to tell you that you are needed! I sat where you are, contemplating all of the reasons why I couldn’t do it… it’s not the right time, there are plenty of foster homes, I’ll get too attached, I’m not strong enough, I don’t have the time… the list goes on.
The number one reason for not fostering that I hear is, “I’ll get too attached.” If you desire to be a foster parent but think you’d get too attached… then you’d be perfect! Every child deserves that kind of LOVE. The kind of love that when they leave, your heart breaks. We are not stronger or braver than you are. We’ve felt the pain that comes along with children leaving. Children are worth the risk.
We started our journey in July of 2016 and had the privilege of loving and serving many children and their families. Our family is now complete with five beautiful children and many other children that will forever hold a place in our hearts. My desire to serve and make a difference didn’t go away when our Foster Care journey ended. I am now the Licensing Coordinator for Beech Acres and have the honor of working with families through the licensing process. I can relate to the hard work it takes, and I am here to support you every step of the way!
Beech Acres Parenting Center has been standing behind those who stand up for kids in foster care for more than 40 years—serving Greater Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Dayton, Greene County, Montgomery County, and more.

Our comprehensive training prepares you for success, and our unique matching program connects you with the right child for your family.

We build a community around our foster parents and offer a support network of people with shared experiences and unique perspectives to help every family succeed.

We also offer programs, support, and resources for relatives caring for their loved ones in Kinship Care.
Foster Families are needed! We have a tremendous need for Foster Families in Dayton, Greene County, and Montgomery County!
Want to learn how to Become a Foster Parent? There are also other ways to get involved. Please reach out to me at today, and I’m happy to give you more information, offer support, answer questions, and guide you through this process.