Why Should You Find Your Family’s Purpose, Values, Vision, and Goals?

  1. Happy and successful families are created with intention. They just don’t happen.
  2. Families that are successful require time, patience, and planning.
  3. Setting goals allow your family to discuss with each other what your dreams are and help to identify family values.
  4. Value is defined as the quality or worth of a thing. Family values are often reinforced by our spiritual or religious beliefs and ideas passed down from generation to generation.
  5. Involving family members in decisions gives everyone a voice and allows for an opportunity to work through, clarify and resolve issues.
  6. Family goal setting benefits children by allowing them to achieve success by seeing their goal from beginning to end; provides individual focus, direction, and purpose; helps them to feel important and listened to, and your children will use the values they learn to develop an inner compass.
  7. Benefits to parents who goal set include less pleading and punishing and more cooperation with their children; removes them from an ‘us against them’ role and places them in the ‘all of us together’ role, and provides a greater awareness of what is going on in their children’s lives.

Powerful Questions for Helping Families Identify Their Purpose, Values, Vision

What is Our Family Purpose?

  • Toward what end does our family exist?
  • What does our family do for its members?
  • What do its members do for the family?
  • What contribution does our family make in the world?

What are Our Family Values?

  • What are my top five family values?
  • What are my spouse’s top five family values?
  • What are our family’s top five family values?
  • What are the values I hope my children will carry with them into the future?

What is Our Family Vision?

  • What does our family’s success look like in 10…20 years?
  • What kind of adult do I want my child to be?
  • What kind of parent do I want my child to be?
  • How do I want my children to remember me?
  • What is my vision for myself as a parent?
  • What is my vision for my relationship with my children?
  • What is my vision for the example I’d like to set for my children?
  • What experiences would I like to provide for my children?
  • What are the skills and abilities I hope my children will have?
  • How do I hope my children will approach life and relationships?

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