The Spring 2022 edition of Insiders’ Scoop is here!

An exciting new chapter for Beech Acres Parenting Center is about to begin!

Since August, we’ve been working closely with the board, leaders from across the organization, key staff members, and an outside consultant on what’s next for Beech Acres. We’ve laid out an exciting, intentional, and an inspirational new plan for the next three years that will shape the future of Beech Acres Parenting Center for years to come.

This new plan includes an exciting new mission and vision for the organization that respects our past but guides us into the future, a new set of values that reflects who we are and who we want to be as an organization, and three foundational new strategic priorities that will be implemented over the next three years.
The Accelerating Impact chart on the next page outlines the Plan for you. Our leadership team is now developing the key initiatives that will allow us to reach our North Star goal of strengthening our foundation to reach more, serve more and influence nationally.

Details will be shared in the coming months, but I am particularly excited about these opportunities that are before us:
• Expansion to a national footprint in
The Character Effect™, Parent Connext™ and as a thought leader in our field.
• Founder and leader of the #GreatKidsGreaterCincinnati mental wellness movement.
• Establish a Social Enterprise Lab to explore mission-driven business lines.
• Explore new service lines, including pre-school programs, new products, and publishing opportunities.
• Double down on success with our highly acclaimed evidence-based programs including Foster Care and Adoption, Kinship Care, and Mental Health Services.

For over 170 years Beech Acres Parenting Center has been serving parents, families, and children by adapting to an ever-changing landscape. Meeting parents, families, and children where they are. Helping them discover what’s strong with them, not what’s wrong with them.
Today, we begin our next century of serving the community. Together – and with your continued support – let’s make the world a brighter place for children to grow up.

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