Children face more complex issues today than at any other time in history. Depression. Bullying. Social media. School shootings. Peer pressure. And parents are struggling to keep up.  

As a champion for children, YOU can make all the difference!

Your support provides comprehensive mental health support and wrap-around services to children in schools. Your generosity equips parents with powerful tools and valuable skills through parent coaching in pediatric offices. Your gift inspires parents, grandparents, and other loving adults to care for children other than their own through foster and kinship care. Your compassion makes our community stronger. 

You may ask, what difference does my donation make? Here are some examples of how your generous gift makes a real impact in each of our programs.

$10 provides gift cards for referral incentives.

$25 provides gift cards for participation incentives.

$60 provides refreshments and activities for weekly in-person meetings such as our support groups, parenting classes, and monthly family hikes.

$100 provides funds for basic needs such as purchasing a state ID, birth certificates, etc. 

$160 allows a kin-caregiver to afford daycare/respite for 8 hours.

$200 provides non-perishable snack bags for parenting time to support families who are facing financial instability.

$200 provides refreshments for holiday celebrations for families.

$225 pays for materials for activities, refreshments, and take-away practice items.

$300 funds parenting time activities (board games, sensory activities, creative design sets).

$1,000 provides a family of four with bedding.

$1,200 supports a family fun day for 60 people!

$2,000 funds books to provide family additional education around self-care, mindfulness, parenting practices, money management, and child development.

 $25 supports one child joining a local boys and girls club to support their social-emotional well-being.

$50 covers the cost of 2 Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement Toolkits to support young children and their parents engaged in Mental Health Services.

$50 helps a child get a bus pass they can utilize when participating in after-school activities.

$100 funds the therapeutic tools for one Therapist to utilize with the families they serve.

$400 supports a family with limited funds to get one month of therapy sessions for their child.

$500 supports a family’s security deposit to move to a new home.

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$25 will fund tools to promote healthy parent-child relationship and bonding activities for one family.

$100 funds one Parent Coaching session for a parent in need and unable to pay the fees.

$400 funds a complete set of sessions for a parent in need of support and unable to pay the fees.

$125 funds a classroom set of 25 Thumbprint Reflection Journals.

$250 funds a classroom set of 25 Student Planners.

$500 funds a virtual Family Event or Parent Workshop at one of our schools (Local or National).

$625 funds an in-person Family Event for one of our local schools.

$750 funds a school set of Curriculum Classroom Kits, including a Strengths Poster, Relaxation Station Poster, and set of Discussion Cards.

$1,000 funds a package of 3 Individual Coaching Sessions with a Specialist.

$1,800 provides one 90-minute Professional Development Workshop (virtual or in-person for local schools).

Thank you for donating today!