Parenting is challenging…like really challenging. From potty training to phones, it’s not getting any easier. Parent Connext® from Beech Acres Parenting Center works with you to find a parenting path that works for your family.

The Challenge

Children face more complex issues today than at any other time in history. Depression. Bullying. Social media. School shootings. Peer pressure. And parents are struggling to keep up.  

The Solution

Introducing Parent Connext® Problem Solving Packages!

Each $150 package includes a 45-minute virtual individual session with an experienced Child Development Expert, plus additional materials & tools to use immediately.

Problem-solving package options are: Minimizing Screentime Battles, Big Emotions, Big Behaviors, Co-Parenting Through & Beyond Divorce, Supporting Your Child with ADHD, and Sleeping Through the Night… please!

Where Do I Begin?

Ready to get started? Fill out this form, indicate which package you are interested in, and someone will reach out to you to schedule your coaching session.

About Parent Connext®?

Parent Connext®’s goal is to connect families to resources plus provide one clear next step for their parenting journey. Our Child Development experts have worked with thousands of parents on various challenges. Why google when our specialists can help you strengthen your relationship with your child in just three sessions with compassionate, judgment-free ideas grounded in science.