Whenever possible, reuniting children with their biological parents is a top priority.

National Reunification Month

June is National Reunification Month, an opportunity to celebrate the perseverance of parents, professionals, and children to keep families together. Beech Acres Parenting Center is committed to the path of reunification when that is in the best interest of the family. This month we will be highlighting stories of perseverance and reunification as well as some of our programs that aim to strengthen parents and empower them with the tools to succeed.

Standing behind those who stand up for kids in foster care for more than 40 years. Serving Greater Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Dayton & Montgomery County. We build a community around our foster parents. Our foster families support each other, build each other up, and offer a support network of people with shared experiences and unique perspectives to help every family succeed.

Whether you’re a grandparent, aunt, uncle or another relative, taking care of a loved one’s children full-time… we are here for you! Being able to be cared for by a relative reduces traumatic experiences for your grandchild, niece, nephew, or other relative or loved one.

The Parent Enrichment Program provides comprehensive support for the “whole” parent, through a variety of proven and evidenced-based methodologies to help parents reach their goalsLearn more.

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Natural Strength Parenting™ is a unique approach to parenting from Beech Acres Parenting Center. Natural Strength Parenting™ encourages you to be intentional and mindful in your parenting while focusing on your child’s innate strengths. Building on their strengths will increase their confidence, self-esteem, and resilience all of which lead to positive well-being. We promise these skills aren’t hard, and more of your conversations will be about what’s going right vs. what they did wrong!

Parents reunited with child