“Anybody who is caring for a loved one’s child, a dedicated adult, it can be an aunt, grandparent, an uncle we are here to serve you,” Dawn Merrit, Kinship Manager.

The Kinship Connections team hosted a fun movie day for kinship families this week at the Cinemark Theater in Milford, Ohio.

Nearly 200,000 kids in Ohio are being cared for by their grandparents or another caregiver. A kincare giver may be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, or anyone who is raising a loved one’s child. We help these caregivers find financial resources, navigate complex paperwork & connect them with other families. We do this through the evidence-based Triple P parent education program and Natural Strength Parenting™ our unique approach to parenting. We know any change in family situation can be traumatic for kids, so we’ve begun offering behavioral health support to these families.

Watch Fox19’s coverage of this fun event.