Loving families come in all shapes and sizes…and we love and support them all!

A Resource for ALL Families

Beech Acres Parenting Center has been serving parents, families, and children for over 170 years. During that time, we’ve come to realize that families come in all shapes and sizes. And no matter how your family is built, parents and caregivers need all the support they can get. Beech Acres services are available where families are, in schools, in pediatric offices, and in the community, and are built to serve all families. From behavioral health support to parent coaching we are here for you.

Families are Diverse and So are Our Services

They say “home is where the heart is”, well, family is where the love is. Whether your family is a mom and dad with biological children, two dads with adopted children, a foster family, or a kinship family where everyone belongs, we have innovative solutions to help your family thrive.

Our Solutions

You can find Beech Acres in schools, in pediatric offices, and with all families. All of our programs are powered by Natural Strength Parenting™, our unique approach to parenting which focuses on what’s strong with you, rather than what’s wrong with you. Natural Strength Parenting™ brings together the 24 character strengths everyone has inside them with the positive psychology of mindfulness to create an intentional approach to parenting.

In Schools

Beyond the Classroom

Partnering with over 25 schools in Greater Cincinnati, our unique model drives to improve behavioral wellness and enhance a student’s readiness to learn.

The Character Effect™

A flexible, personalized social & emotional learning program that enhances the emotional IQ and improves the well-being of teachers and students alike.

In Pediatric Offices

As part of the pediatric care team, Parenting Specialists are available to provide a clear next step in a parents’ journey; allowing pediatricians to focus on physical health.

With All Families

Foster Care & Adoption

For individuals willing to open their homes to our most vulnerable children, the BAPC team has been supporting foster families for 40 years.

Kinship Connections

For a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even a close friend taking care of a loved one’s child full time, this support network offers both individual resource navigation and group meetings.

Parent Enrichment Program

For parents fulfilling a referral from Hamilton County Job & Family Services, this is a non-judgmental, goal-driven parent and child-focused program.

Signed To Be Kind

We could all use a little more kindness in our lives. And while it’s nice when kind acts enter our lives at seemingly random moments, what if everyone approached being kind intentionally?

Natural Strength Parenting™ To Go!

For over 170 years, Beech Acres Parenting Center has strengthened Greater Cincinnati’s children & familiesNow, you can get our cumulative parenting experience delivered right to your phone wherever you are and whenever you’re ready.