Need a mindful moment this winter break? Try this one!

Start by finding a comfortable seat. Place your feet at on the ground, relax your shoulders, and place your hands at on your lap or someplace comfortable. Close your eyes or nd a soft gaze and enjoy using your imagination.

Be very still, and imagine that you are a snowman – standing in the middle of a snow-covered yard. All around you is fresh, glistening snow; not a shoe print in sight. The sunshine is warm on your face, yet the air around you is cool. You are a snowman. You have a carrot for your nose, small stones for your eyes, and sticks for your arms. On your head is a colorful hat. A striped scarf is draped around your neck. Being a snowman, you cannot move, focus on your stillness. Be still. Be frozen, throughout your body, still as snow.

You are alone, in this yard. It feels good to be alone in the sparkling snow and crisp air. You like the silence. You are quiet, you are still.

Take a few moments to feel how peaceful it is on this sunny morning. The rays of the sun are bouncing off of you, making you glisten and shine. Experience the warmth of the sun on your snowy face.

Now, gradually feel yourself melting. Beginning from your head, feel the snow melt to water, and drip to the frozen ground. Notice yourself shrinking, getting smaller and smaller, delightfully warm and ready to move again. Melt in the warm sun, until only a small pile of u y snow is left. You feel relaxed, still and no longer a snowman.

When you are ready, I invite you to slowly wiggle your fingers and toes. Allow yourself a big stretch, come back to this room, come back to this time and open your eyes.

Download this meditation and try it with your family the next time it snows.