We LOVE the creativity and perseverance of our foster care families

Check out how one family is finding a way to have some FUN during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Ryans built these amazing play spaces for their kiddos to enjoy inside and outside! Chris & Kim Ryan talked to us about their adventure in creativity.

Looks like you found a way to have fun while you’re stuck at home during quarantine? Tell us what inspired you to be creative during this time.

On March 7, two more littles joined our household bringing our kid count to 6 ages 13, 11, 3, 3, 2, and 1. When everything began closing and the shelter at home order went into effect, my husband and I began thinking of ways to turn our playroom into a PLAYroom.  We started talking and saying, “what if” and “wouldn’t it be neat if”.  It didn’t take us long to make the jump from thinking about it to acting on it. We decided what we’d like to see in the room, made a plan, and started building!  It has been wonderful to have a place that our little ones (and the bigger ones too!) can burn off some energy without worrying about the weather or germs.

In August, we had two more children join us, ages 8 and 2.  After several months of limited activity, we again knew it was time to better utilize the space that we had.  This time it was the backyard.  We again started dreaming and searching the internet for ideas.  We found a set of plans that fit what we wanted and we started building.  The outdoor playset has turned our backyard into a neighborhood hot spot and it has been amazing to see all the kids playing together until dark, being creative and inventing games, and just being kids.

How are the kiddos holding up during this extraordinary time?

We have kept things as normal as possible for the whole family.  The older kids felt the impact of life changes due to Covid the most but we strived to find ways to give them balance and make the time at home full of positive memories.  For our little ones, it was life as usual.  They did well with the switch to tele-visits and enjoyed having the big kids around to play with them more. 🙂

November is National Adoption Month. What would you say to families considering opening up their homes and hearts to kids in need? 

If you are thinking about opening your home to children in need, contact an agency (Beech Acres is amazing!)…ask the questions you have. We are so glad to be part of the Beech Acres family and truly appreciate the support and training they provide. Seek out those who have already opened their homes and talk to them…This journey isn’t always the easiest, there are times of tears and heartache but there is also much joy!

If I may quote an old Nike advertisement, “Just Do It”

November is National Adoption Month. Click here to learn more about foster care and adoption.