Parent Coaching

What if there were easy things you could do today to reduce stress at home and create stronger connections with your kids?

Natural Strength Parenting™ Coaching

Parenting is challenging, but can also be very rewarding.

Beech Acres Parenting Center’s Child Development Experts are available to help you discover your strengths as a parent and manage your family’s stress by equipping you with the tools to create stronger connections with your kids using Natural Strength Parenting™. Natural Strength Parenting™ Coaching supports change by helping parents:

  • Identify their vision for their child’s and family’s future
  • Develop a plan with long and short-term intentions achieve their vision
  • Discover and use their strengths and their children’s strengths in the service of parenting

Natural Strength Parenting™ Coaching teaches you to be intentional, encourages you to focus on your families’ strengths, and helps reduce stress through mindfulness.

Natural Strength Parenting™ Coaching sessions are brief, energizing, empowering, and effective all while being solution-oriented.

You and your child could benefit from Natural Strength Parenting™ Coaching with a Child Development Expert if you:

  • Have a specific behavioral concern
  • Feel like you’re not getting through to your child on a specific issue
  • Wonder how other parents have handled this same issue
  • Would like a neutral person in the room when you and your child tackle a tough problem
  • Want a short-term, tactical solution

Child Development Experts are available at all of our locations. Wherever you’re comfortable meeting. Days and times are flexible as well.

Although medical insurance doesn’t cover the fees, pricing is on a sliding scale and subsidies may be available.

Child Development Experts provide one-on-one consultations and a personalized plan for your family. Parents and caregivers learn to identify strengths and successes, examine barriers, clarify goals and develop practical solutions. Often, families find that they may need just one or two sessions, but Child Development Experts are available for as many sessions as required.

Popular parent coaching topics

  • Divorce
  • Discipline
  • Step-parenting
  • Child development
  • Reaching development milestones
  • Building resilience in kids
  • Resolving conflict

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Parent Coaching is typically $100 per hour, but costs may vary depending on your household income and what county you live in. Call for details.

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