Parent Coaching

Get your family’s personalized “game plan” with Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

What is parent coaching?

It might happen when you’re attempting to tame the wild moods of a toddler. Or it might be when your formerly well-behaved teen starts biting your head off. Whenever it happens, there’s likely to be a point in your parenting journey when you need a little direction in the wilderness.

You and your child could benefit from Parent Coaching with a Beech Acres expert if you:

  • Have a specific behavioral concern
  • Feel like you’re not getting through to your child on a specific issue
  • Wonder how other parents have handled this same issue
  • Would like a neutral person in the room when you and your child tackle a tough problem
  • Want a short-term, tactical solution

What is Parent Coaching? It’s simply working with someone who’s trained to help you through the inevitable hurdles of raising a child. These hurdles might arise at any time, but especially when your family has experienced a major change (such as divorce), or when your child is going through a life transition (such as from junior high to high school).

With Parent Coaching, your investment of time and money lies between an internet search—where the information won’t be tailored specifically to your child—and traditional counseling, which works best for longer-term, more complex concerns. Parent Coaching is short but productive!

We have parent coaches available at all of our locations. Wherever you’re comfortable meeting. Days and times are flexible as well.

Although medical insurance doesn’t cover the fees, pricing is on a sliding scale and subsidies may be available.

As parents, we are the single most influential people in our kids’ lives. For parents who want to dig a little deeper on a specific topic facing their families, Parent Coaching could be a perfect fit. This service offers a great short-term alternative to long-term counseling, and you can work with your Parent Coach for as little or as long as you need to meet your family’s needs.

Parent Coaches provide one-on-one consultations and a personalized plan for your family. Parents and caregivers learn to identify strengths and successes, examine barriers, clarify goals and develop practical solutions. Often, families find that they may need just one or two sessions, but Parent Coaches are available for as many sessions as required.

Popular parent coaching topics

  • Divorce
  • Discipline
  • Step-parenting
  • Child development
  • Reaching development milestones
  • Building resilience in kids
  • Resolving conflict

Parent Coaching sessions are scheduled based on your availability. Fees are not covered by medical insurance.

Parent Coaching is ideal for parents who want a focused and personalized approach to resolve specific situations. Contact us to find out if it is right for you and your family.

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Parent Coaching is typically $100 per hour, but costs may vary depending on your household income and what county you live in. Call for details.

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