February brings to mind all things LOVE! By using mindfulness, we can show our love to our family in different ways every day. Knowing the 5 Love Languages can help us show our loved ones “I love you” in the ways that will mean the most to each of them as an individual.

Get curious-What do you think is your child’s #1 love language? Talk to your child. Ask them “How do you know I love you?” See how they respond.

Make an effort to show your child that you love them using Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. Give them a hug and say “I love you” or offer them a back rub and tell them you’re proud of them.

Show your child that you love them by giving them a small Gift(s) and by spending Quality Time with them. Buy them their favorite snack or a special treat. Play or take a walk together.

Show your child you love them by completing an Act(s) of Service. Do one of their chores for them or help them with something they can do for themselves.