Develop your own unique parenting style.

When you participate in any of Beech Acres Parenting Center’s programs, you’ll learn our approach of Intentional, Strength-based, Mindful Parenting or ISMP. You might have heard us refer to it as ISBP in the past, but we’ve found it important to emphasize the mindfulness element, which was always there… just not in the name!

What’s the right way to parent?family_large_iStock_000008144386Large

Trick question. There is no single “right way” to parent! The world is diverse, and that rings true nowhere more than in parenting. We celebrate options. We’ll present you with today’s best parenting methods, using our strength-based, mindful approach — and then help you develop the skills that fit your family best.

At Beech Acres Parenting Center we embrace ISMP. What does that mean?

1. Each child is unique.

Help your children reach their true potentials by nurturing the qualities they really have. When we tell children who they should be instead of helping them discover who they are, we clip their wings and steal a piece of their identity. When we support them in growing their strengths, we free them to fly!

2.  Intentionally building on children’s strengths rather than focusing on correcting their weaknesses will best help them grow into competent, emotionally healthy adults.

By helping your children grow their talents and gifts, you will see many of their difficult behaviors fade away, just as a garden, well-tended, will ultimately overtake the weeds.

3.  As a parent, you, too, have unique strengths that come naturally to you.

Strength-Based Parenting means you can use your strengths to develop skills that will help each of your children reach their potential.

4.  There is a lot to know!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got questions! It’s a daunting task to sort through the reams of available information on parenting in order to choose what is best for your family. Asking parenting questions and seeking out information is a sign of commitment to the amazing adventure of raising children.

5.  Parenting effectively requires ongoing learning.

Each time you try something new in your parenting, it’s an opportunity for learning more about what is and isn’t helpful for each unique child.

6.  You’re the expert when it comes to knowing your family.

As a parent, you seek information and assistance to help you be the most effective parent you can be for each of your children, but expert assistance never diminishes your own importance to your family. Your children need your presence and efforts to grow up strong and healthy.

7.  There is great value in having a vision for your family.

When you develop a vision of the environment you want to create for your children now and the values you hope they will have later as adults, you automatically begin to choose actions and responses to make it a reality. Your vision becomes the filter that lends clarity to the difficult decisions that parents face every day.

8.  There is no one “right way” to parent.

What works for your daughter may not work for your son. What works for your neighbors may not work for your family. Children and parents, each with their unique strengths and gifts, combine to create an infinite variety of parenting styles.

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