I solemnly swear to only use my powers for good. That I will use my cape to comfort others, protect those I love and remind the world of my strengths. I pledge to be a hero, the best I can every day.

With this pledge, thirty kids were recently “transformed” into superheroes thanks to Beech Acres Parenting Center and ArtWorks Cincinnati. The “Super Hero Design Company” pairs kids receiving services from Beech Acres with youth apprentices from ArtWorks.

“It was very nice. Perfect for my son’s age and his imagination. A very nice event.” -Leap Academy Parent

These youth apprentices serve as design facilitators to help the kids design their capes and learn more about themselves in the process. The design facilitators conduct a fun and exciting interview to help the children identify their own personal strengths, unique abilities, and real world “superpowers”.

“They loved the interview process, loved talking about themselves and being involved in something. They also loved telling their story and having the cape to show them as powerful kiddos.” -Foster Care Dad

From this, the dynamic duo co-designs a superhero identity for each participating child. This identity is represented by a fun logo that is then emblazoned on a cape. “This is really about leveraging strengths of the children that we work with,” said Jennifer Wikette, Director, Early Childhood Parent Solutions.

“She loved the whole process, loved using her imagination, felt special and empowered with the cape being about her.” –Foster Care Mom

The event is tremendous fun for every involved, especially the kids who get to learn about their own unique qualities and strengths in a creative environment. They are so excited to share their “powers” with the world.

“The Super Hero Cape activity was so perfect for my son. He was so excited and so proud, it just meant a whole lot to him which was nice to see. He wore the cape for days and made sure I sent pictures of him wearing it to his grandparents. He took it with us to go hiking over the weekend so everyone else could see it. Everyone who has seen the cape has been just so thankful my son got to be a part of the event. Thank you so much again for nominating him! “  -Beech Acres Parenting Center Dad

Thank you to ArtWorks Cincinnati for bringing these everyday heroes to life!

“The individualized attention that these artists gave my children was amazing to see. They were so engaged and caring and were sure to remind my kids every second how important and super they were. It’s great to see an organization that is willing to come together and plays a positive role in these kid’s lives. The smile on my son and daughter’s faces said it all. It was an amazing experience to be a part of. Thank you!” -Beech Acres Parenting Center Mom