Support Your Child’s Self-Confidence, Boost Their Resilience, and Promote Their Well Being Using This Parenting Road Map

The Power of Three

Support Your Child’s Self-Confidence

You can support your child’s self-confidence by letting them know they are loved unconditionally each and every day. Point out and affirm their unique, individual strengths and celebrate their successes. Actively listen to what they have to say and be empathetic and open to their feelings.

Here are 3 ways to support your child’s self-confidence:

  1. Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey
  2. Spend at least five “unplugged” minutes per day with your child
  3. Be intentional about offering praise

Boost Your Child’s Resilience

Continue to show your ongoing and unconditional love and support while allowing your child to be independent and develop their own coping and problem-solving skills. Avoid “helicopter” or “lawnmower” parenting whenever possible to encourage independence.

  1. Let your child make choices. Guide them by providing solutions that you are comfortable with
  2. Name your emotions when you are feeling them and encourage your child to do the same
  3. Let your child deal with the consequences of their actions. Be there to follow up and support them, but allow them to use their strengths to deal with situations

Promote Your Child’s Mental Well Being

Speak to your child regularly about important topics such as mental health, dating, respect, and relationships. Focus on your family’s values when discussing these topics. Encourage your child to take care of themselves by relaxing, practicing mindfulness and putting down their phone from time to time. Model these behaviors by practicing them yourself.

  1. Practice mindfulness, meditation, and other relaxation activities with your child
  2. Talk with your child about stress and symptoms they may experience because of that stress
  3. Gather more information about your child’s developmental stage

Download our Power of Three Roadmap and try these strategies with your child. You can also visit our website to find out if Beech Acres Parenting Center is in your child’s school or pediatrician’s office.