13 Nov


A child’s gratitude naturally grows from a loving, mindful connection to their parents. When you listen and actively engage with your kids, you are planting the seeds of gratitude. The message is that they matter and that you are grateful for the love and time that you share. ...

26 Oct

Be Mindful and Build Strengths with The Character Effect™ Fall Family Challenge!

Fall is here! Learn to be mindful and build strengths with your family this season by downloading and completing The Character Effect™ “Fall Family Challenge“! From Beech Acres Parenting Center, working together with  Children Inc. and Mayerson Academy, The Character Effect™ is a powerful new framework for all students, teachers, and parents that promotes growth mindsets and strength-based school climates. The Character Effect™ integrates mindfulness with character strengths to improve parents’ engagement and understanding of their children. The Fall Family...