Being intentional with your approach to parenting, discovering and building on your family’s strengths, and practicing mindfulness can positively impact your parenting! Download this activity to get started today!

Be Intentional

Your Destination. Being intentional is like deciding on a destination for your road trip.
Where do you want to go to as a family?
What steps will you take to get your family to your destination?
Being intentional is the chosen direction you want to take your family. It includes thinking about where you want to go, planning for it, and remembering to take what you need with you to get there.

Discover Your Strengths

The Gas in your Car. Using your family’s strengths are like the gas in your car – they help you zip forward more easily and quickly.
Which of your family’s strengths will help you best move forward?
Be sure to celebrate strengths when you see them – they help you get there even faster!
Spotting and developing your family’s strengths makes the trip smoother and easier for everyone.

Practice Mindfulness

Avoiding the Potholes. Being mindful helps you slow down and avoid the potholes in the road or, when you hit them, helps you feel calmer and more in control as you ride over them.
Think of mindfulness as a rest stop along the road that helps you pause and re-energize yourself.
Mindfulness helps you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
We all have potholes and flat tires in the road trip that is our lives. Mindfulness helps you pause and readjust so you can move forward more easily.