Our hearts are broken for the people of Las Vegas after last night’s incident. This tragedy, coupled with several recent natural disasters still affecting thousands of people across the globe, may have you wondering how to approach talking to your children about events in the news.
First, be honest with them. A truthful approach will help them better understand the facts about what they are hearing. Try and separate facts from rumors and embellishments.
Next, listen to their questions and address their concerns. Younger children may need reassurance that they are safe, while your older kids may have more in-depth questions to help them understand and process. It is important to address their concerns and offer your perspective based on your family’s values.
Finally, offer them hope. Reassure them that they are safe and talk through their feelings. Develop a plan for your family in case they encounter dangerous situations. Unplug from media for a while and spend some quiet time together as a family. You can also research ways your family can help families affected by these tragedies.