The Character Effect™ from Beech Acres Parenting Center,  is an evidenced-based, flexible social & emotional learning program grounded in positive psychology and the science of mindfulness. 

The Problem

Social & emotional skills, including self-awareness, self-management, and empathy do not come naturally to all children. These are skills that can be taught and encouraged to combat bullying and even suicide.

The pandemic has only made things more complicated. A report which surveyed more than 1,400 parents and nearly 900 early childhood educators in Massachusetts found that just over 50% of parents said they have seen a negative impact on their child’s social-emotional development.

Early childhood educators teaching younger children have noticed similar trends: 77% of those educators who observed changes said they’ve been negative, including more temper tantrums, sadness or crying, and difficulty separating from parents.

Our Solution

Leveraging the science of positive psychology and mindfulness, The Character Effect™ creates a common language for teachers, parents, and students to celebrate character strengths and learn to be present in the moment by utilizing skills such as self-management and self-awareness.

Unlike other programs, The Character Effect™ starts first with the teachers – encouraging them to recognize their own strengths and teaching the self-care tools that so many teachers need right now.

What Services Are Offerred?

The Character Effect™ offers a variety of solutions to meet your school’s needs. These include:

• Engaging online curriculum
• Individual and group coaching sessions for teachers
• Family Engagement Events and Workshops
• Professional Development Workshops

Want to learn more? Download more information here or call 5132316630 today to see how you can #HaveAnEffect in your school.