What if there was a universal, social & emotional curriculum that rallies all the adults in a student’s life around their strengths?

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The Character Effect™ is a complete, universal social & emotional learning program that improves the culture of a school’s community by building on everyone’s innate strengths. We accomplish this with a “teacher first” approach that focuses on teacher self-care through mindfulness, engages parents through fun and accessible tactics, and rallies all the adults in a student’s life around their strengths, to keep them focused on learning.

The Challenge:  Teachers love to teach. But all the stressful demands of an ever-changing world can seem overwhelming and can impact the classroom environment.

The Solution:  The Character Effect™, a flexible, personalized social & emotional learning program that enhances the emotional IQ and improves the well-being of teachers and students alike.

Why will it work?  The Character Effect™, an evidenced-based, flexible social & emotional learning program, delivers personalized, strength-focused coaching by local professionals onsite.  90% of teachers experiencing The Character Effect™ report feeling better equipped to manage student behavior.  The teachers and students develop skills everyone needs to rise to the challenges of our ever-changing world.

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