The parenting experts at Beech Acres Parenting Center work with thousands of parents every year.  Fundamentally, we believe: 

  • All parents love their children 
  • All parents want what is best for their children 
  • All parents experience challenges during their parenting journey.   

A show recently premiered in prime time called The Parent Test.

Based on the beliefs stated above and after viewing the show, we encourage parents to watch The Parent Test with caution. Or, better yet, avoid it altogether. 

First and foremost, parenting is hard…like really hard. Beech Acres approaches parents as unique human beings with a host of innate character strengths. We avoid judging parents as judgment is often rooted in the fact that different is wrong. Our approach is to honor the wide variety of parenting styles and combinations of these styles. Viewing particular parenting styles as right or wrong is fairly judgmental. Each style can be leveraged to raise healthy and happy children.   

Family values matter and can enhance parenting styles. Many parents tell us that they have never thought about or identified their own family values. Family values serve as the core of what family members do and explain how you want to live your family life. They may be passed down through generations or new to your family system. Identifying family values can help define expectations and actions for all family members. Once you choose your family’s values, think about how they align with your parenting style.  Examples of family values may include holding doors open for others; no phones at the dinner table; homework guidelines; volunteering to help others; family chores; etc.  

The goal of The Parent Test is to find the most effective parenting style with an aim to “crown” the winner. Parents who watch this show may be feeling very vulnerable in comparison to other parents on the show. They may be interested in building their skills within one of the parenting styles defined on the show.  Some parents might not be able to identify with any of the named styles.  This can be really confusing and may cause some parents to feel discouraged or defeated.  

Our aim is different.  We are driven to promote positive parenting by utilizing Natural Strength Parenting™, a model created at Beech Acres Parenting Center grounded in Mindful, Intentional, and Strength-based parenting.   

  • Intentional; Discern your unique purpose, create the life you envision and clarify the values you will teach your children. 
  • Strength-Based; Discover and develop one’s natural gifts to create a sense of mastery, empowerment, and connection with one’s passion. 
  • Mindful; Be present, fully engaged and accepting in the moment. 

Parents who utilize Natural Strength Parenting™ create better confidence, are more satisfied in their parent role, practice self-care routinely, and build a better parent-child relationship.  We believe that these are key drivers to being your best self as a parent.   

The Parent Test claims they would like to “make kids emotionally whole.”  Children learn the most from their parents. Parents have a fantastic opportunity to serve as an example and inspiration for how you shape your child’s emotional well-being and skills to self-manage, self-determine, and self-regulate.  There is a host of parenting styles, strengths, and family values that can support your parenting journey.  There is no single approach that can be “crowned” as the best.  Set some intentions that will push you to parent on purpose and with a purpose.  Be in the moment with your kids whenever you have the opportunity to do so.  Put the phone down and play, talk, dance, and be together. Identify your top strengths and name strengths that you see in your child.  Notice how those strengths are used and build that muscle even more.  There is no specific rule book, guide, roadmap, or path to follow that guarantees healthy and happy children.  Just be you!    

If you are looking for some help with Natural Strength Parenting™, Beech Acres is always there, and we always care.  Reach out to us to meet with a Parenting Specialist for some individualized coaching.