Medical appointments can be scary for children. With a little preparation, you can make the experience less stressful, even if they are getting a shot!

Prepare Your Child in Advance

Talk to your child about the importance of going to the doctor for check-ups and getting vaccines to help stay healthy.

Use Play as a Tool

Engage in medical play with your child to help them feel more comfortable with going to the doctor for appointments.

Practice Calming Strategies

Prep in advance for when your child needs a shot. Give them choices such as picking the arm to receive the shot, watching or looking away, would they like a distraction such as music or a video to watch?

At the Appointment

Debrief after the appointments. Young children may want to do medical play again while older kids might have some questions. This is a good time to plan any changes the doctor recommends, such as less screen time, increased activity, or more fruits and vegetables.