Back to School time always fires up butterflies in students’ stomachs, and again this year they will deal with the uncertainty of a pandemic plus whatever may be going on in their minds, hearts, and in your home. This combination of excited, nervous anticipation, and genuine apprehension can wreak havoc on your child’s emotions …and yours!

If it all becomes too much… Beech Acres Parenting Center’s Beyond the Classroom™ team is here. Our name says it all, our team is here to remove barriers your students may have outside the classroom preventing them from bringing their best self to their academics.

What do we do?

Behavioral Health Support (Therapeutic Service Provider)– Helps student work on coping skills, self-control, staying on task, and if needed crisis management.

Therapy (Licensed CounselorProvider) – Helps students get to the ‘root’ of their mental health challenges; often working in tandem with therapeutic service providers.

Medication Evaluation and Management – If needed, this can include medication management that supports your child’s behavioral health can be prescribed by our doctor and nurse practitioner.

Family Peer Support – YOUR advocate when working with the school and navigating community resources. A trusted partner and mentor who walks alongside you as you become your child’s best advocate when working with the school or navigating community resources.

Where else are we in the community?

Beech Acres Parenting Center’s Kinship Connection program works closely with Beyond the Classroom™ families who are caring for a loved one’s child. Kinship Navigators have been in your shoes, are frequently caring or having e experience cared caring for a loved ones’ child full time. and Because of their experience, these professionals can walk alongside grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends to find resources and connect you with a supportive community of others caregivers just like you.

Parent Connext™ is a parent coaching program that sits located inside in pediatric offices around Greater Cincinnati. Their individualized coaching sessions have proven to improve a child/parent relationship in just 3 sessions. It is not mental health, but instead supports parents in daily challenges from potty training to homework battles.

The Character Effect™ is a program for the entire school community built on positive psychology, character strengths, and mindfulness.

How do you get in touch with us?

Visit our website, find your school, and click on your team lead’s name to connect directly with them via email! Team Leads are ready to provide support, Team leads are ready to be your guide in identifying your unique needs and matching up the supports that are right for you and your family. We are delighted to be a new partner with your child’s school and are actively working to grow our team to provide a full spectrum of care.

Using our strength of honesty, we have not been immune to the effects of the pandemic and are continuing to work to recruit additional Beech Acres staff to support you and your child. be sure all schools are fully staffed.
We are excited to be BACK in buildings with your students and ready to support their needs.