What is Gratitude?

Gratitude, as an individual character strength, is defined as “I appreciate the good things that happen to me.” Appreciating the good things that happen to you, both big and small, can have an exponentially positive effect on your mood and your life.

A child’s gratitude naturally grows from a loving, mindful connection to their parents. When you listen and actively engage with your kids, you are planting the seeds of gratitude. The message is that they matter and that you are grateful for the love and time that you share.

What is your family grateful for?

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate everything you are grateful for as a family. This holiday, be intentional about celebrating Gratitude! Set aside some time to use your strength of Creativity to demonstrate your family’s Gratitude.

Show Your Gratitude With This Fun Thanksgiving Activity!

Download our Turkey Time activity and have a fun decoration to show off your gratitude this week!

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